Voca Conversational Interaction Center

โดย AudioCodes

Voca is a unique combination of Conversational AI and Contact Center capabilities for Microsoft Team

AudioCodes Voca is designed to provide an innovative, next-generation service experience for callers interacting with companies, tying together Workers, Agents and internal business lines under service workflows using modern Behavioral Routing and Conversational AI technologies.

Featuring a unique combination of Conversational AI, Contact Center and Voice Networking technologies, the Interaction Center solution from AudioCodes features an advanced multi-language Conversational AI interface that instantly automates IVR and Queuing by using simple, intuitive voice requests over natural language, providing out-of-the-box experience for a variety of Conversational IVR, Auto-Attendant flows and Virtual Agent use-cases.

Coupled with Voca’s Contact Center capabilities, the application also includes an intuitive No-code Flow Designer, dedicated Agent and Supervisor experience, CRM integration, Skill-based routing, Real-time Dashboards and a rich set of Historical Reports, providing customers with a complete all-round Interaction Center solution.

** Currently, the Voca application is available on Microsoft Teams desktop clients only (not supported on mobile devices)

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