Avaamo IT Assistant

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Intelligent conversational assistant that instantly resolves Microsoft Office 365 support queries.

Avaamo’s Intelligent Support Assistant, powered by Avaamo’s Conversational AI, answers any support queries on Microsoft Office 365 products.

It can help you with automating support by:

  • Answering user’s natural language questions related to Microsoft Office 365 products.
  • Providing instant resolution for troubleshooting issues.
  • Having a 24x7 help-desk to support on account related & installation queries.

Avaamo Support Assistant uses Avaamo’s proprietary AI to provide you most precise & relevant answers. It automatically learns from the vast collection of Microsoft’s knowledge articles on Office 365 combined with Avaamo's IT domain models. All your Office 365 concerns are addressed in a single place, 24x7; no need to wait for a response from IT support any longer.

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