Employee Directory GlobalPlus


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Employee Directory GlobalPlus SPFx Web Part is addon of our Employee Directory add-in.

SharePoint online has started moving to modern experience developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which reduces the page load time compared to post back model from classic SharePoint based on ASP .Net. The customizations in modern sites are supported using SharePoint Framework (SPFx). SPFx is an open and connected platform. We have provided our Employee Directory web part users to choose if they want to add modern or standard web-part.

Users don't need to pay any charges for using this SPFx web part. However, they need to subscribe to our SharePoint Employee Directory add-in to be able to use the SPFx web part.

We provide 7 days of trial for Employee Directory SharePoint add-in.You may need to go for In-App Purchase to use this add-in.

Benefits of Employee Directory SPFx webpart:

  • Reduced page load time
  • Modern, attractive and clean UI
  • Save highly on development and maintenance cost
  • Choose from variety of layouts like single, double or triple column
  • Available on all kind of devices

Prerequisite: First you need to download our SharePoint Employee Directory add-in

We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting. Feel Free to contact us in the support email ids.

Contact Us for any customization request or for the product demo.