MyStore by SYNQ

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Connect your Microsoft Teams channels with your SYNQ MyStore service.

**This app is not free to use without an online account on SYNQ's MyStore platform.**

The SYNQ Store Bot will connect your Microsoft Teams chat client with your store's SYNQ retail services. Add this to your team to automatically post messages in your Curbside Pickup or Text for Help channels to connect your retail store staff with customers with the speed and convenience of Teams.

***Note:** SMS Text messaging services are currently only available for phone numbers based in the United States and Canada.*

**Curbside Pickup**

Get notified when a customer arrives at the store. Claim and manage arrivals.

**OrderUp & Picking**

Manage in-store orders from SYNQ's BOPIS systems. Stay updated on orders in progress, mark items as paid.

**Text For Help**

Answer customer queries directly within the chat.

**Call For Help**

Respond to requests for staff assistance from SYNQ's devices.


Get notified when a customer has a negative experience and would like to speak with a store manager.


Get notified when the customer queue exceeds a threshold.

**To Get Started**

Visit []( in your browser to manage your account. If you do not have an account, please contact []( to get your store configured.

For more information about SYNQ, please visit our website at [](

**Contact Us**


Sales: [](

Bugs & Feedback: [](

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