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Gaia Workspace makes your space & visitor management easier and more efficient.

Gaia Workspace offers a comprehensive solution for collaborative workspaces by integrating Room & Desk Booking, Visitor Management, External Booking, Venue Booking, Manager Approval and Analytics into a single platform. With a user-friendly interface, Gaia Workspace streamlines the reservation process, minimizes administrative work, enhances space utilization rates, and cuts down expenses.


Gaia Workspace helps your company manage room and space more efficiently, seamlessly, and securely with functions including Room & Desk Booking, Resource Management, External Booking, and Visualized Analytics.

  • Room/Space Booking: Digitalizes your room scheduling process.
  • Desk Booking: Allows you to deploy flexibility, maximize resources utilization, improve department collaboration, and better implement a hybrid workspace model.
  • Visitor Management: Keep a track of the people who visit your location so that you can give them a smooth welcome.
  • Visualized Analytics Dashboard: Allows administrators to see the visualized KPIs.


Gaia Workspaces improves the office utilization rate and makes the workspace efficient. Please visit our website or contact us at


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