novaCapta Compass

โดย novaCapta GmbH DE

Sort teams into a folder structure to display them in an organized manner.

novaCapta Compass is a paid Microsoft Teams application based on seat-based licensing.

Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for successful digital collaborations and is becoming increasingly important to users as a work tool. Take your Microsoft Teams organization to the next level.


Multi-level navigation

In the fully integrated Teams app, individual outline levels can be mapped for navigation. Thanks to this function, users can navigate easily and in familiar structures to the desired destination (Team) with just a few clicks. Extensive filter options also simplify the search process.

Simple configuration & self-service

Once the app has been installed, complete configuration takes place within Teams. The focus here is on mapping levels and relationships between teams. Users can easily assemble their teams using drag & drop, creating an optimal structure for efficient navigation. The newly created structure is also available to all other users.

Use this link to get started with this app:

In order to use this app. Users must have an active Business Central account, please contact our support team for more details:


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