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PWPtools is a PowerPoint add-in designed to help anyone create easy-to-understand proposals

※This add-in tool must be purchased before use. However, it can be used free of charge for 7 days.

This add-in includes 24 must-have PowerPoint functions used by strategy consultants!


Overview of PWPtools


A complete set of 24 must-have PowerPoint functions and features used by strategy consultants!

With PWPtools, you can achieve the same work efficiency as a strategy consultant!

PWPtools is an add-in for PowerPoint that was created by a developer who has created more than 20,000 slides and has studied the art of slide creation.

Available functions (6 groups, 27 functions in total)

1. figure formatting

  1-1. adjust width

  1-2. adjust height

  1-3. Fit Width/Height

  1-4. adjust format

  1-5. adjust figure adjustment

  1-6. adjust rounded corners

2. expansion and contraction

  2-1. align left edge

  2-2. align right edge

  2-3. align top edge

  2-4. align bottom edge

3. gluing

  3-1. left edge to right edge

  3-2. right edge to left edge

  3-3. top edge to bottom edge

  3-4 Bottom to Top

4. Horizontal to Vertical Centering

5. Power Tools

  5-1. text composition

  5-2. add more connections

  5-3. make line horizontal

  5-4. make line vertical

  5-5. figure position exchange

  5-6. Batch Selection of the Same Type of Figure

5-7. Excel to PPTX

5-8. Shortcut Key Registration

6. reference figure selection

  6-1. first selected figure reference

  6-2. last selected shape criteria

  6-3. selected shape criteria

  6-4. shape selection


Operating environment and installation method


PWPtools is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

- Acceptable Operating environment -

Windows PowerPoint® for Office 365 (each 32-bit version)

Windows PowerPoint® for Office 365 (32/64 bit each)

Office PowerPoint® 2010/2013/2016/2019 (32/64 bit each)

- How to install -

After purchase, the software will be stored in a folder that can be downloaded.

After purchase, open the installation file "setup.exe" stored in the downloadable folder and install the software. If you are unable to install the software, please try the following measures. If you still cannot install the software, please contact us.

(1) Select "OfficeAddInSetup.msi" in the installer folder and right-click.

(2) Select "Properties", check the "Unblock" checkbox at the bottom of "Properties", and click the "Apply" button. If the Windows program "Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime" required for installing the tool is not installed, an error message will appear. Please download and install the program from the following microsoft download site.

- About the initial screen

When you open PowerPoint after installation, the license key entry screen will appear. By closing the input screen, the normal PowerPoint new creation screen will appear. Please confirm that "PWPtools" is displayed in the ribbon and that the functions are displayed by clicking on the ribbon. If the function is displayed, you have successfully installed the software.

- Trial Period Limitations and Issuance of License Key -

You can use the software without registering a license key for 7 days after installation, but after 7 days, the "PWPTools" ribbon will be hidden. To remove the trial period restriction, please send your serial number, which is simultaneously displayed on the license key entry screen, to our e-mail address below. We will reply to you within 48 hours by e-mail with the license key corresponding to the serial number you sent us. Enter the license key and click the "Register" button to remove the trial period limitation.

The email address to which the serial number will be sent:

- Number of units available

If you purchase a new PC, we will issue a license key for that PC upon request. If you lost your license key, please inform us that you lost it. We will reissue the license key within 48 hours.


3. How to get a refund in case you cannot install or use the software


If you are unable to install or use the software, please contact us within 7 days after payment is completed. After 7 days, we will not be able to provide a refund unless there are special circumstances.


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