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Solvedio brings Digitalization as a Service to your business

Get your instant custom digital solution for your business challenges. Faster, cheaper, wiser, and flexible. The Solvedio platform allows you to conveniently, intuitively manage your entire daily digital agenda, and from one place. It adapts to your work environment and routine, eliminating all difficulties and allowing you to enjoy your workdays and your time again.

If you are an existing customer, simply log in and start using the full potential of the Solvedio and Microsoft Teams combination.

If you are not already a customer, visit Solvedio and choose your custom solution that will be ready for you immediately. Or get inspired by customer use cases such as Problem-solving, Taskforce, Innovation management, audit management, and many more ...

Solvedio for Your Enterprise:

• Hyperautomation

• Rapid Application Development

• Enterprise Content Management

• Records Management

• Intelligent Document Processing

• Business Process Management

• Case Management

The following features are available in the Solvedio app:

• Wide form options

• Mobile device support

• Assisted process management

• Comprehensive custom application

• Custom work environment for each team member

• Industry integrations and multiple deployment options

• Business readiness with comprehensive design and branding


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