Learning Management Portal

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Microsoft 365 Certified
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LMP is the easiest way to onboard and upskill employees, train customer-facing teams.

SharepointEmpower's LMP, a Microsoft 365 certified cloud-based product, is designed to effortlessly train your customer-facing teams, empower customers and partners, and efficiently store, manage, deliver, and monitor all training materials. With LMP, the days of manual course assignments are over—our comprehensive Learning Management Portal automates the process, ensuring your workforce consistently enhances their skills and remains well-informed about product updates.

Additionally, the top feature is the usage of the Learning Management Portal as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams integration and our product offers multilingual support, enabling users to access the user interface in their preferred language for a global audience.

Stay ahead of the competition with our advanced solution. Elevate your workforce and achieve success by upgrading to the Learning Management Portal today!

Below given are the major features of the Learning Management Portal:

1. Courses:

- Users can easily view and access comprehensive details about various courses, including course name, completion duration, ratings, status, and the training list.

2. Training:

- Users can view and access details related to different training sessions, such as training names, completion duration, and status.

3. Training Details:

- Users can delve into the training content added through the admin feature.

- Training details include the following information:

• Resource URLs in different formats, such as Videos, PDFs, DOCs, or PPTs from SharePoint Document Library

• Walkthrough (Description)

• Important Documents

• Important Links

4. Admin:

- Admin users can seamlessly add or edit courses and training details, ensuring flexibility and customization.

5. Quiz:

- This feature enables users to take quizzes after completing each course, enhancing the interactive learning experience with course certificates.

Advanced feature:

LMP effortlessly integrates into MS Teams, ensuring a smooth and unified experience. It is easily accessible across various devices through MS Teams, allowing direct connections with your team for any training-related queries. The system is designed for convenience and direct collaboration within your team, providing enhanced accessibility and responsiveness.

Choose the Learning Management Portal for a robust, certified, and user-friendly platform that guarantees the growth and success of your workforce!

This solution includes support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "FullPage" web part components.


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