Helpdesk System

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Microsoft 365 Certified
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Helpdesk, a certified Microsoft 365 App Compliance Solution, ensures swift, secure issue resolution

Our Helpdesk System, a cloud-based product in Microsoft 365, serves as a powerful ticket management software designed to streamline and enhance ticket management within organizations. It offers a range of features and capabilities, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to leverage Microsoft SharePoint 365 and Teams Integration to enhance their ticket management. Additionally, our product offers Multi-lingual support, enabling users to access the user interface in their preferred language for a global audience.

With an intuitive Dashboard, you gain full control of ticket management, ensuring that support tasks are effortless to handle. It provides centralized access to all tickets in one place, including pending ones, for efficient tracking and prioritization.

But that's not all – our Helpdesk System is dedicated to saving you time, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. Efficiently categorize your data based on priorities and focus on what matters most. Track resolution rates with our time-tracking capabilities and ensure optimal performance. With robust data management, the history of your tickets is always at your fingertips!

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Key features of the HelpDesk System:

Home Page:

- The Home Page primarily features a dashboard overview showcasing user ticket activity.


- The user can manage their tickets and their pending tickets from the tickets tab, such as:

1. My Tickets

2. My Pending Tickets

3. All Tickets

4. Auto Email Ticketing

5. My Board (Kanban Board)


- The FAQs tab compiles user-raised questions with swift solutions to prevent duplicate ticket submissions.

Custom fields & Emails:

- The Custom Email and Field tabs streamline support with tailored communication and efficient data capture.


- The Reports tab delivers insightful analytics for informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.


- The admin can view and manage details of all admins, along with editing, adding, deleting, and overseeing organization-wide tickets, including email ticketing, reassignment, FAQs, custom fields, and reports.

Explore the benefits of our licensed version tailored to meet the needs of potential customers:

• Microsoft 365 Cloud-based Modern SharePoint App

• Intuitive User Interface with Multi-lingual Support

• Individual Ticket Queues

• Data Categorization Based on Priorities

• Email notifications on each ticket updates

• Automatic Email ticket generation

• Time and Cost Savings

• Productivity Enhancement

• Robust Data Management for Ticket History

• Integrated approval process

• Reports, Insights, and Gantt Chart

Unlock the potential of our Helpdesk System now for streamlined support, efficient ticket management, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to chaos and boost productivity instantly!

This solution includes support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "FullPage" webpart components.