Contract Management 365

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Contract management centralizes the contracts to enhance efficiency & accuracy - SharePoint & Teams

SharePoint - Microsoft teams and SharePoint Contract Management is a free, fully featured 14-day trial for one Microsoft 365 tenant. Contract Management 365 helps organizations create, store, track, and manage their contracts and associated documents, facilitating efficient contract lifecycle management.

Key Features

  • Data stays in your Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams App out of the box
  • Adobe eSign & DocuSign Integration
  • Highly configurable
  • Multiple custom options
  • Approval workflows
  • Custom workflows
  • Customized email templates

Link for the knowledgebase: Contract Management 

Here is an installation guide link your your quick reference:  Contract Management 

Raise a support request for this add-in by visiting the support page. Support | HR365 page

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Recommended browsers 
Edge-based on Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not recommended.