Qumu Video for Office 365

โดย Qumu Corp

Qumu Video app provides a means of capturing and adding videos to Office365 SharePoint sites

Qumu Enterprise Video for Office365 is a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution for including video content within SharePoint sites in Office 365. It consists of a set of ready-to-use configurable app parts that site owners can insert into any page on their sites. In addition to “YouTube”-like portal and player features, it also includes such advanced functionality as speech search, screen capture (screencasting), and webcam capture and upload. Integrated video and screen or presentation content can also be easily captured. Both live video broadcasts and video on demand uses are supported in this app.

Videos are stored in a central repository that can be located in the cloud or (for organizations with regulatory or business requirements that demand it) behind a company firewall. When captured, videos are automatically processed and prepared for delivery in multiple formats to a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices. Streaming is provided by an Internet content delivery network or Qumu’s VideoNet Edge streaming software behind the organization’s firewall. Qumu's unique intelligent routing automatically selects the best edge location from which to stream video for each client device.

The following app parts are included in Qumu Video for Office365:

  • Jukebox – a multi-row multi-column control for browsing and searching for videos
  • Most popular videos
  • Recently published videos
  • Featured videos
  • Videos listed by author/publisher
  • Scheduled live webcasts
  • Single video (embedded video player)
  • Upload of a previously recorded video
  • Webcam and screen capture with subsequent upload

The screen capture functionality is provided by a Java applet that is launched from the "My Programs" app part. In order to use this functionality the Java plugin must be enabled in the browser. Screen capturing is the only feature in this app that requires Java to be enabled.

With the Qumu solution site owners have a choice of building a destination video portal or adding videos to any site alongside non-video content. Adding videos requires no programming or scripting, thus providing an easy way for owners of team, project, and community sites to enhance their site’s content. The built-in video player allows the end user to find words and phrases within videos through phonetic or “speech search.” The search engines finds exact places in the video where pronounced words match the search terms phonetically.