Twinfield Analysis

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Twinfield Analysis provides means to import data from your financial administration into Excel.

Twinfield Analysis extracts the data from a company directly into Microsoft Excel. For this a subscription to Twinfield Online accounting is required. These Excel spreadsheets are linked securely to the Twinfield company or companies. This method can update data continuously while the layout and calculations are retained.

Twinfield Analysis operates with datasets (known as ‘cubes’) that are used to retrieve data from the company administrations. The data can be retrieved from one or several companies at the same time and will then be collated in a single Excel spreadsheet. This information can be used to perform various analysis and set up the desired reports.

Data analysis is an efficient and effective method for:

  • Supporting activities for composition, assessment and verification, and for special investigations.
  • Performing internal control actions and internal checks.
  • Putting together management information.

Furthermore, consolidated overviews can be created by retrieving data from various different companies.


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