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Instant access to relevant content from your organization’s documents as you type.

CounselHQ is designed for professionals and teams that frequently work on similar types of documents, whether that’s contracts, sales proposals, marketing materials, research articles, or something else. We help you rely on your past work product so you don't have to reinvent the wheel with each new document. Work faster and ensure consistency across your organization with CounselHQ.


  • Search as you type: CounselHQ shows you relevant content from your existing documents, updated in real-time as you type and navigate around your document.
  • Content Deduplication: Immediately find and use your organization’s standard language. If a paragraph or sentence is used more than once throughout your documents, we’ll merge them into a single search result and show you a list of files containing that specific language.
  • Bulk Redlining: When a search result is similar to the paragraph or sentence you’re working on, we’ll show you a redline so you can instantly compare against past language.
  • Minimal Onboarding Time: Uploading your documents (.doc, .docx, and .txt) to our website is simple and quick with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Our software automatically extracts and processes the content from your files so you can be up and running with CounselHQ in minutes. Knowledge management has never been easier.


  • Legal & Compliance: CounselHQ is well-suited for law firms, in-house legal departments, and compliance professionals. Draft and review contracts and other documents more effectively while ensuring consistent terms and language across your organization.
  • Sales & Marketing: Leverage existing sales proposals to respond to RFPs in less time. Ensure consistent company messaging across your marketing materials.
  • Procurement: Efficiently review vendor contracts to reduce turnaround times. Never again resort to static and out-of-date playbooks.
  • Research & Writing: Find relevant content from your research materials as you type.
  • Training: Empower new employees with the knowledge they need to add immediate value to your organization.

It’s simple to get started with a free CounselHQ account. Paid subscriptions are also available through our website.

For more information about our free and paid subscriptions, please visit

CounselHQ is currently available to US customers.

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