Priority Matrix Government

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Hosted in Azure Government, Priority Matrix securely helps organizations focus on high-impact work.

Priority Matrix Government is a full-featured project management software that integrates deeply into Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365.

This variant of Priority Matrix serves the operational security needs of government entities thanks to specific customizations:

  • The service is completely hosted on Azure GCC (Gov Cloud), which guarantees US-control of all infrastructure, and more
  • Single sign-on is enforced, which simplifies the implementation of IT login policies via Azure Active Directory
  • Certain features have been disabled to eliminate the possibility of data sharing with unauthenticated users

Priority Matrix Government helps you prioritize, focus, and work smarter.

With this add-in, you can manage Priority Matrix projects and shared tasks without leaving your favorite app:

  • Manage tasks and projects directly within Teams
  • Open a one-on-one view to discuss action items shared with a teammate

Use Priority Matrix Government for Microsoft 365 to...

  • Replace your existing project management solution and use fewer apps
  • Have all your tasks, priorities, responsibilities available in one location
  • Reduce context switching
  • Save time and resources
  • Have clear understanding of all projects across your team

What makes Priority Matrix Government better than the rest?

  • Hosted on Azure Gov Cloud, keeping your information secure
  • Single Sign-On required to facilitate IT login policies
  • Full-featured project management solution that fully works within Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365
  • Artificial Intelligent technology helps prioritize and track the right project and people
  • Integrated into Microsoft Teams and works on all devices
  • Available for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, mobile and desktop
  • No limits to number of tasks you can create

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and contact us if you have any questions.


  • Replace status reports and standup meetings with a quick one-on-one review
  • Improve team productivity with quick access to action items
  • Share data among collaborators for teams of any size
  • Communicate your priorities with the rest of your team

Each of your projects or initiatives can be organized as a priority matrix with fully customizable quadrants.


The next time you meet with your manager, teammate or direct report, pull up the one-on-one view to see all your shared tasks,

discuss progress and go straight to the point. No more wasted time trying to remember what you did last week.


  • Keep projects private or collaborate with your team: Manage your TODOs or launch a spaceship!
  • Visualize each project as a matrix, in your calendar or in Gantt chart mode
  • Intelligent due date detection: Enter tasks like "buy milk tomorrow afternoon"
  • Smart reminder system: "Remind everyone in 30 minutes" or "Remind me next Tuesday"

A Priority Matrix Government account is necessary to use the add-in. Upgrades available.


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