Document Crunch

โดย Document Crunch, Inc

Contract Negotiating Made Easy - Redline contracts faster and more accurately with Document Crunch

Document Crunch makes construction contracts simple, and helps everyone involved in construction projects understand their contracts. Our Word Add-In embeds our Contract Co-Pilot directly into your workflow, minimizing risks and saving time throughout the negotiation process.

Features and Benefits

  • Redline with Confidence - Find every issue in your contracts fast and ensure you're not leaving anything on the table during negotiations
  • Faster Contract Review - Review and understand the key provisions of a contract faster and make key redlines to contracts in minutes directly within Microsoft Word
  • Find Issues and Minimize Risk - Immediately flag items in the contract that are at odds with what your organization accepts—meaning no issues go untouched
  • Trust the Pros - Lawyers and non-legal reviewers can negotiate with pre-written, tried and true sample language — building on standards, experience, and well-understood language

Document Crunch is on a mission to simplify contracts for everyone in the construction industry. Whether you're a legal professional, a back office admin, or executing a project in the field, Document Crunch can help you minimize risk and stay compliant through every project.

To use our Word add-in, you'll need to be a Document Crunch customer - find out more at


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