Approval System

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Automated approval system streamlines decision-making process through efficient workflow management.

An automated approval system makes decisions easier by managing workflows efficiently.

Our Approval System is a strong tool to handle requests. It's like a smart software that lives on the internet and works smoothly with Microsoft 365. It's made to make asking for things and managing those requests in companies easier. This tool has lots of helpful features, especially when it teams up with Microsoft SharePoint, improving how requests are handled. Plus, it's friendly to people who speak different languages, so everyone can use it comfortably, no matter where they are in the world!

Microsoft 365 Cloud-based Modern SharePoint App

User Interface with Multi-lingual Support

The easy-to-use Dashboard puts you in charge of managing requests, making it simple to handle support tasks. It gives you a central hub to access all requests,. even the ones that are still waiting, so you can keep track of them and prioritize them efficiently.

There are some Key Features of the Approval System:

  • Home Pathways.
  • In the home, there is material available on User Interfaces, providing information on elements such as dashboards that users can explore.

  • Requests Pathways.
  • The user can manage their requests and their pending request from the requests tab, such as:

      • My Requests
      • My Pending Requests
      • All Requests

  • Custom fields & Emails.
  • The Custom Email and Field tabs enhance support processes by facilitating tailored communication and efficient data capture, thereby streamlining overall operations.

  • Reports.
  • The Reports tab provides valuable analytics to support informed decision-making and optimize operational efficiency.

  • Admin.
  • The administrator possesses the ability to access and oversee comprehensive details of all administrators within the system. This includes the capability to edit, add, and delete admin profiles. Furthermore, the administrator can manage organization-wide requests, custom fields, and reports, ensuring efficient and effective oversight of the entire organizational structure.

    Explore the benefits of our licensed version tailored to meet the needs of potential customers:

  • Individual Request Queues
  • Data Categorization Based on Priorities
  • Email notifications on each request updates
  • Robust Data Management for request History
  • Automatic Email request generation
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Integrated approval process
  • Reports
  • This App Includes:

    • Support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "Full-page" web part components.
    • Additional purchase may be required.

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