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Streamline your dashboard with rotating KPI visuals | Power BI Certified

KPI Ticker by MAQ Software

Maximize dashboard space and maintain a comprehensive overview of your key performance indicators (KPIs) with KPI Ticker by MAQ Software. Designed to display multiple KPIs within a rotating visual, this tool allows for real-time tracking of performance metrics while saving report space. Highlight positive, negative, or neutral trends with optional color coding for instant insights. Perfect for applications requiring constant monitoring of fluctuating metrics, KPI Ticker brings efficiency and clarity to your data visualization needs.

Key benefits

  • Customizable display: Tailor the number of tiles per row, background colors, font size, and color to fit your dashboard theme.
  • Trend indicators: Use customizable colors to distinguish between positive, negative, and neutral trends.
  • Flexible animation: Engage your audience with customizable tile animations.
  • Adaptable layout: Choose between vertical and horizontal tile layouts to best fit your report space.
  • Improved formatting: Full control over tile and font aesthetics for a polished look.

What's new (Version 4.0.3)

  • Improved percentage handling: Improved accuracy in representing percentage values.

Use cases

  • Travel: Track flight delay metrics across different airlines.
  • Stock exchange: Monitor real-time changes in stock values.
  • Sales: Benchmark KPIs across various locations and branches instantly.

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.