HTML Content (lite)

โดย Daniel Marsh-Patrick

Microsoft PBI Certified
(3 คะแนน)

Visualise column or measure values as HTML in your Power BI reports.

This is a version of HTML Content that implements a reduced set of tags and also does not permit loading from external URLs, in order to comply with Power BI certification requirements. If you want as much access as possible to the DOM within a custom visual or need to load external resources, it is recommended that you use the regular version, which is uncertified and does not have these restrictions.

Report authors can use the visual to write their own columns and measures using DAX, to create dynamic HTML content, or render existing content from their data model that contains HTML in their reports.

For information on getting started, worked examples, more detail on visual properties or version history, you can visit to learn more.

Privacy Policy

(also available on the website)

  • This visual is released under the MIT License and is free and open source.
  • This visual's code does not collect your data. Data is accessed for display purposes only.
  • This visual allows a report author to supply their own HTML and scripting content via the Power BI data model. If you have specific privacy and/or security concerns about this HTML and scripting content, please refer such concerns to the author of the report.

Advanced Use Case Considerations

For those who are more web development-savvy and want to attempt more advanced content, while the visual will have a good go at rendering the HTML content you supply, it only only passes your content into the DOM on your behalf, and what actually gets rendered can depend on a several factors.

We keep a living document of everything we currently know about on the website, but at a high level these include:

  • The browser(s) you are intending for your HTML content to be rendered in:
    • You will need to manage browser-specific behaviors if doing anything particularly complicated.
    • Note that Power BI Desktop is not a fully-functional web browser so may not render content in the same way as when reports are published to the Service.

  • Restrictions imposed upon the visual by Power BI:
    • Custom visuals run in a sandbox with the least amount of privilege.
    • Any content hosted inside the visual that needs elevated privileges will likely not work correctly.
    • This sandboxing also removes the domain from any custom visuals, so they can't impersonate
    • Therefore, accessing services or embedding content from sites that have CORS restrictions will not work inside the visual.
    • These CORS restrictions are set by the target server and cannot be overridden from the client (our visual).