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ValQ for planning, budgeting, forecasting, what-if simulations, scenario analysis and reporting

Introducing ValQ, the modern no-code planning solution that is very intuitive, interactive and for instant strategic decision making. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI. ValQ has been architected and modernized to Unlock wide range of your planning and forecasting use cases with ValQ's innovative visual no-code business modelling user experience.

  • Independent and Serverless: ValQ operates without the need for databases, servers, or IT support, offering a hassle-free experience.
  • Analyst-Centric Design: No coding or scripting skills are required to build models in ValQ
  • Scalable Templates: Easily scale your model using templates while keeping it dynamic
  • Mathematical Formulae & Functions: Leverage a library of spreadsheet-like mathematical formulae and functions to build complex planning models.
  • Simple Model Management: Live data preview, error validation, bulk editing capabilities, advanced search, and filtering for smooth model management.
  • Notes: Perform cell-level and node-level notes.
  • Reporting: Generate reports in various styles with charts and export them to Excel/PDF.
  • Generate reports of different styles with charts and export to excel/pdf
  • Presentations: Interactive Presentation Mode: Present your finalized decisions to management with an interactive presentation mode that delivers a seamless experience

Simulations & Analysis

  • What-If Simulations: Perform what-if simulations on the fly using a drag-drop interface and visualize impact on outcomes instantly & intuitively in tree as well as spreadsheet like format
  • Scenario Comparisons: Create multiple scenarios and compare scenario outcomes in a few minutes, not hours.
  • Insights and Decisions: Gain valuable insights into model performance with chart visuals and make quick actionable decisions using the KPI tracker.

Time-Series forecasting

  • Multiple Methods: Perform time-series forecasting without external libraries. Choose from various methods like Linear Trend, Weighted Average, Moving Average, ARIMA, Single Exponential Smoothing, Holt’s Method, and Holt’s Winter Method.


  • Plan Creation: Create plans based on recent performance, forecasting methods, or start from scratch with a blank template for zero-based budgeting
  • Smart Planning Interface: Leverage an intelligent and editable table interface for intuitive top-down and bottom-up planning, complete with simple mathematical operations with scaling.
  • Efficient Updates: Automatically distribute updates across planning hierarchies and time with spreading and allocation methods, including weights-based, trend-based, and driver-based, along with goal seeking.

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