HR Analytics Power BI Solution

โดย Beyond Key Systems

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HR analytics dashboards covering essential HR KPIs like people analytics, workforce analytics

HR analytics, also referred to as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, involves gathering, analyzing, and reporting HR data. It enables your organization to measure the impact of a range of HR metrics on overall business performance and make decisions based on data. Beyond Key has created a collection of curated HR analytics dashboards that cover all of the essential HR KPIs such as Demographics, Diversity, Hiring, Termination, Open Positions, Filled Positions, Awards, Compensation, and Forecast. Our HR analytics solution is powered by Power BI and can be easily integrated with your existing HRMS system to derive quick results. It is fully customizable as well. Beyond key provides a set of user-friendly HR analytics dashboards that cover almost all of the well-researched and most-requested KPIs that all HRs across sectors need to see on a daily basis. Our power bi HR analytics dashboards give your HR department the predictive analytics and reporting capabilities it needs to make better decisions and play a more collaborative and strategic role in achieving business outcomes.