Elfsquad CPQ for Power BI

โดย Elfsquad B.V.

A dashboard on the data of your Elfsquad CPQ environment.

The Elfsquad Power BI Template Application allows users to effortlessly connect their EMS (Elfsquad Management System) data to Microsoft Power BI using an OData connection. This functionality allows users to dive into their manufacturing data, extracting valuable insights and trends. By leveraging the OData connection, the Template Application seamlessly integrates the data from Elfsquad's EMS into Power BI, see their data in a standard dashboard with cross-filtering functionality. Here users can quickly analyze key performance indicators, track quotation metrics, and make informed decisions to optimize their product lines. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of the Template Application as it empowers Elfsquad users to unlock the full potential of their EMS data and drive significant business growth through data-driven decision-making.