Power BI for Personio

โดย Sem and Berry UG

Experience the power of data-driven decision-making with our dashboard for analyzing Personio Data

Is your organization making the most of its workforce, its most valuable asset? Power BI for Personio provides a comprehensive analytics and reporting solution, powered by Power BI. It enables organizations to discover crucial HR insights for strategic decision-making. This empowers HR professionals to make data-driven decisions, improving their capacity to attract, manage, and retain employees, ultimately leading to enhanced ROI. Moreover, it assists organizational leaders in making informed decisions to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity. ○ Employee Count Tracking: Easily monitor the number of employees in your organization. ○ Availability Management: Efficiently manage employee schedules and availability. ○ Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking: Keep tabs on employee leave, including vacation and sick days. ○ Diversity Insights: Gain insights into your workforce's diversity. ○ Monthly Cost Analysis: Analyze and track monthly labor costs. ○ Salary Details: Access comprehensive information about employee salaries. ○ Age Structure Analysis: Understand the age distribution within your workforce. ○ Department and Team Insights: Organize and analyze data by departments and teams. ○ Employment Duration Tracking: Monitor how long employees have been with the company. ○ Absenteeism Tracking: Keep track of employee absenteeism rates. ○ Position Analysis: Get an overview of employee positions and roles within the organization. No need for extra tools & software. Just install the app and connect with your data. Click GET IT NOW to install the app and see the working dashboards with sample data.