Lasso AI video interview and Assessment Tool

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Rapidly and accurately target talented people and put the right person in the right place.

This application is available in [Chinese,English,Vietnamese language]
【 Lasso AI video interview】
  • Diverse types of questions:Built-in functional question bank to realize structured interviews. Multiple question types such as multiple-choice questions, survey questions, and quick answers are also provided.
  • AI indicators and joint scoring mechanism:Lasso Score is automatically calculated based on the 4 dimensions of the AI indicator. Multi-person cross-evaluation, generate talent matrix after cross-evaluation
  • Audiovisual talent pool:Applicants' information will be kept in the system intact, forming an enterprise's audio-visual talent pool.
Lasso CAT Assessment Tool
  • Each data will be completely compared with 21 Competencies, presenting 3 competencies with the highest and lowest PR values.
  • Response Time/ Carefulness/Social Desirability/Repose Style four indicators to calculate Reliability indicators
  • Recommend interview questions, Precise Behavioral Interview.
  • Applicable to diversified situations: talent recruitment/career development/retention strategy/organization inventory
【 Lasso AI錄影面試與測評系統】
Lasso AI 錄影面試
【題型設計多元】內建職能題庫,提供問答/選擇/ 快問快答等多元題型。
【AI指標與共同評分機制】運用AI技術分析產生Lasso Score,多面試官共同評比,更客觀精準。
Lasso CAT職能測評
【完整測試21種職能】20分鐘完整測驗21種職能,並識 別強/弱項。
【報告可信度指標】四大指標確保報告可信度: 作答時間/作答傾向/社會期許/謹慎認真
【整合多元測評】適用於多元化情境: 人才招募/職涯發展/留才策略/組織盤點 

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