SurveyCake 企業級雲端問卷

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SurveyCake 目前是台灣最大的雲端問卷軟體服務,我們的願景是成為一個企業級的資料蒐集解決方案,幫助企業與個人穩定、即時、準確、安全、易用地蒐集多樣化的數據,並將其轉化為可行且有價值的行動。


一、強大的專業功能與題型,找出回覆數據的價值 進階題型讓你更有效率的分析數據,還有更多功能協助你提升填答體驗,提升回覆精準度並讓填答價值極大化。

二、團隊協作與多語系支援,發揮問卷的最大效益 除了支援團隊夥伴共同協作外,多語系問卷讓調查輕鬆跨出國際、收取更多具價值的回覆;隔離區有效把關填答品質,杜絕無效或重複作答。

三、高規格資安與客製化情境,滿足企業問卷需求 金融客戶認證高規格資安,守護每一筆填答隱私;更能依據需求客製化功能或串接,突破你對於表單使用情境的想像。


Enterprise-level cloud survey service from Taiwan World-class service delivered in five continents across the globe.

Gain valuable insights from data Our advanced question types increase data analytics efficiency, and the feature-rich functionality optimizes respondents’ user experience, ensuring the accuracy of the answers while maximizing the value of each response.

Achieve team synergy with collaborative tools In addition to allowing multiple team members to work on the same survey, we support multiple languages so that you can reach an international audience and collect more meaningful replies. Our Quarantine mechanism ensures quality answers and prevents invalid or duplicate responses.

Maximize the value created by each response We employ financial service level information security to safeguard the privacy of each respondent. And thanks to our customization and API-enabled access, the scenarios in which your survey will be useful are beyond the imagination!

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