9 Spokes Smart Business Dashboard

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All your data together in one smart dashboard to track your business performance

9Spokes provides you with meaningful, personalized and shareable insights that help drive your business forward. Powered by your data, we help steer you towards your next move to reach your business goals. Think of us as your virtual advisor, here to motivate and guide your business so you don’t just survive, but grow and thrive. We provide near real-time business insights, wrapped up in a delightfully intuitive platform. We're here to propel ambitious businesses like yours forward to achieve the success you deserve.


The Business Hub

The Business Hub is available on mobile and desktop. Check how your business is tracking on the go or in the office, when you need to do a little more digging.

Connect and Share

9Spokes connects you with your team. We ensure business management teams (wherever they're based) can work collectively – collaborating and sharing information and deciding on the best way forward. Easily share the metrics that underpin operations with your team, your accountant, or your Board, to evolve conversations and collaborate to find ways forward together. Whether it's a simple admin task or the basis for a strategic decision, 9Spokes is here to empower you to drive your business forward.

Open Banking

9Spokes acts as a bridge between your business and your bank, shifting the dynamic away from one-sided financial conversations to customer-centric business discussions – strengthening the relationship and aiding access to working capital. This is embedded in the platform, from the tiles that relate bank data and financial positions, to the content that informs and advises.