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Accelo helps client service businesses and teams streamline operations and boost profitability.

Service Operations Automation (ServOps)

Service businesses and teams - including architects, accountants, agencies, consultancies, lawyers, IT services and many more - need to manage increasingly complex and fast moving business operations. Unfortunately, when it comes to managing projects, tickets, retainers, schedules, and billing, most businesses are left trying to "make do" with either clunky legacy software or modern but disconnected tools.

Accelo, the leader in Service Operations Automation (ServOps), was created to help businesses and teams with these challenges, providing a single, integrated and easy to use system for automating client service operations.

Accelo is available in 5 different editions:

  • Sales - sales automation and quoting specifically tailored for the needs of service businesses.
  • Projects - adaptive project management that helps service businesses and teams run profitable projects.
  • Service - streamlined ticket and service tracking which integrates with timesheets and billing, so you can deliver great service to clients for love and money.
  • Retainers - the only SaaS platform for delivering ongoing service to clients through retainers or service agreements, with automated renewal billing and recurring tasks.
  • ServOps - the combination of all four products, ServOps gives your business or team an integrated, streamlined system to run all of your client service operations.

Office365 Sync

By synchronizing with Office365, Accelo is able to bring in all of the important client emails, appointments and tasks automatically, ensuring that your core operations system is always up to date - even if no one bothers to update it :-) This means timesheets that are automatically filled in, client projects that always have the latest communication (no more copy and paste!) and real time visibility of resource utilization, scheduling and profitability across the whole business or team.

Accounting Sync

Accelo also handled billing effortlessly, creating beautiful, detailed service invoices for clients, saving time in billing, speed up payments and improving operating cash flow. Accelo synchronizes bidirectionally with Xero and Quickbooks, with more accounting systems coming soon.


With Accelo, any service business can harness the power of the cloud to have a streamlined, automated client service delivery, freeing the organization from the manual and error-prone way of managing the business and allowing everyone to focus on doing the work they love.