Acodis IDP Platform

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Auto data extraction. At speed. At scale. Convert Any Document Into Structured Data in Seconds

Turn documents into value: classify documents and extract unstructured data using machine learning.

Approximately 80% of all business-relevant information is deemed unstructured and locked inside documents such as scans, PDFs, or emails. To extract information without Acodis, relevant data needs to be copy/pasted or typed out manually - resulting in a repetitive and time-consuming workflow that is error-prone and costly.

In contrast to standard RPA (robotic process automation) tools, this IDP (intelligent document processing) solution is constantly learning and allows you to process documents even if they vary in structure or layout. You can train the learning system independently with a human feedback loop and thus promote the read-out accuracy.

The Swiss-made platform can ultimately enable you to automate business processes and significantly improve your analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Self-service platform for data classification and extraction from any document-type
  • Reduce manual copy/pasting work by training your own AI application
  • Define and adjust your own data categories and schema on-the-job
  • Extract structured data from documents like text, tables, images / figures, pictograms, captions, footnotes, header / footer
  • Document upload via drag & drop, API, or email
  • Various output options: API, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.
  • AI-based OCR (optical character recognition) tools available as part of the document pipeline
  • Based on Microsoft Azure and Azure Cognitive Services
  • No-code platform

Companies from various industries such as logistics, pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, government, etc., rely on Acodis IDP (intelligent document processing) platform. Acodis allows training machine learning models by the end-user to process all kinds of documents such as customs documents, salary statements, pension fund statements, etc.