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Flight schedule API, based on IATA Standard

Air Schedule is a SaaS solution available to passenger transport companies (airlines, trains and shipping companies) and capable of improving your schedule for direct flights and constructed itineraries with extraordinary speed and high-quality results. Air Schedule solves all your usual cost and performance problems:
  • Do you have an expensive solution to create your schedule display?
  • Are you paying the GDS request for itineraries you don’t even have?
  • Are you displaying useful and valuable alternatives to your customers?

Our solution enables applications such as ecommerce, mobile apps or backend services to perform a huge number of calls to these services to display the flights and their connections without incurring in prohibitive costs.

Main benefits of Air Schedule:
  • Receives OAG data but can also process airlines SSIM/MCT or SSM/ASM. Complies with IATA standards.
  • Air Schedule Manager is an Admin Backoffice where you will be able to easily implement your Itineraries strategy, define your partners (airlines, trains or buses), limit the number of itineraries and design the display priority to ensure that each alternative you provide to your customer is a valuable option.
  • Cost reductions:
    • Cache with a +95% accuracy that minimizes transactional costs.
    • Between 5% and 10% of the search volume are queries from customers and metasearch engines looking for itineraries that the airlines do not provide. This cost reduction grew up to a 50% during the worst months of the COVID pandemic when airlines had a very limited network, but customers still searched for alternatives.
  • High scalability: Allows different services of the airline to consume it without impacting the performance of other systems or the ecommerce user experience.
  • High performance: The response time is less than 10 milliseconds, which gives ecommerce and other components a superior response capacity.
  • Light response format: The response format is very light, allowing direct integration with a web or mobile front end. We generate three outputs for the customer to use:
    • The airline operated route list.
    • For each itinerary, the operational information.
    • For each itinerary, an availability calendar with a light format, easy to use as an eCommerce calendar.

Because each customer has unique needs, we offer three different solutions:
  • Basic: Generate schedule data for direct flights.
  • Standard: Calculate constructed itineraries and display them based on our customer strategies.
  • Premium: We process constructed itineraries through our Air Pricing solution to minimize the number of alternatives in an itinerary and display the cheapest alternative for each time range and trip duration, as defined by the customer.

Other Airplane Solutions that work seamlessly with Air Schedule:
  • Air Pricing: Generates a fare and ancillary real time quotation, cutting costs of your distribution invoice.
  • Air Calendar: A multiple pricing output for your web calendar to display the lowest price and give valuable information to the customer in the first step of the process. Useful for different solutions such as managing metasearch queries, preparing Google landing pages or inspiring customers with multiple destinations.