Alive5 - Business SMS and Live Chat Platform

โดย Alive Technologies, Inc.

Alive5 is a unified inbox for SMS, web chat, and social conversations integrated with Dynamics CRM.

Prefer messaging? So do your clients.

Alive5 is a unified inbox for your team designed to handle SMS, web chat, and social conversations seamlessly. With advanced integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sync your customer records with chat transcripts and conversational data from multiple communications channels.

Advanced Business SMS Platform

  • Easy to set up, deploy, and train your team with 2-way SMS, Broadcasts, and SMS chatbots.
  • SMS-enable any landline or VOIP phone number. Works with any phone service (except mobile phones).
  • Team inbox lets you manage your main phone line and individual user direct lines. Manage chats over web browser or mobile app.
  • Send mass, personalized SMS broadcasts to a 2 or 20,000 contacts at once.
  • Manage multiple conversations with ease across different departments and staff with Tags and Custom Filters.
  • Real-time translation: Chat with users without knowledge of their native language. Reply back in your language which is translated back to theirs. Supports 75 languages. Become multilingual with a click!
  • Share files effortlessly over a text - photos, PDFs, and videos, Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Power Point), Docusign.

Full Featured Live Chat

  • Capture leads or create an automated support assistant that escalates to a team of human agents.

  • Combine automation, AI, and your human team together to help website visitors get what they need, when they need it.

  • Highly customizable, on-brand conversational journeys and chat interfaces with your logo, color schemes, and widget icons.

  • Embed a website widget, chat link, or QR code to reach anyone on desktop or mobile.

  • Integrate inside authenticated member portals and mobile apps for account based marketing and support.

  • Skill-based routing: Through a pre-chat questionnaire, chatters can be routed to specific departments, which then can be evenly distributed to agents.

  • Transfer: Chats can also be transferred across departments or direct to other reps.

  • Multiple Ring Modes: Notify all team members of an incoming chat or assign chats using a distribution algorithm.

  • Offline Message Flows: Never leave a customer waiting and always capture the lead.

Multi-Channel Customer Messaging

  • Streamline conversations from your phone line (SMS), web site (live chat), and social (Facebook Messenger).
  • Built in QR code generator for starting conversations at live events.
  • Each time a conversation starts in Alive5, a new contact is created. When a customer comes back, you'll see their entire history and easily pick up where you left off.
  • Accept credit card payments - close deals, take deposits, or collect past dues by sending instant invoices. 0% transaction fees, secure, and PCI-compliant.
  • Create templates and canned phrases for your staff save time by typing less.

No-Code Automation & AI Builder

  • Deploy chatbots over web chat, SMS, and Facebook Messenger with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Automate lead collection (name, email, phone numbers) and distribute leads to email inboxes.
  • Create self-help flows to answers with a "choose your own adventure" format.
  • Enhance with NLP/AI powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 for generative replies based on PDFs, web page content, and other custom data (coming soon Q2 2024).