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HomeSecure provides network security and visibility for the Connected Home

Provide Network Security for the Connected Home

IoT Smart Home Security

In today’s expanding threat landscape, all your customers’ connected home devices are a target; from PCs, tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices, to the actual modem/router that provides connectivity. Many consumer-grade “smart” appliances are vulnerable, leaving the virtual door of the home network wide open. With Allot HomeSecure, you can offer your customers a security service that protects the connected home and increases your connectivity revenue by 10-15% without the need to replace existing CPE.

By remotely integrating an Allot HomeSecure thin client with your CPE, you’ll be able to centrally manage all the security for their connected devices. Your users will have per-device parental controls, and control over their home network through an intuitive app that keeps them engaged with their connected home security.

Multi-Layered Security

  • Protect Customer’s Connected Devices
    Allot HomeSecure uses AI to identify and profile all connected home devices and will detect and act upon anomalous device behavior. Additional protection is provided with web security enforced at the CPE level and network-based A/V scanning.
  • Secure the Smart Home Network
    By segregating the smart home network, Allot HomeSecure blocks lateral malware propagation to protect home devices from attacks originating from within the local home network.
  • Harden the CPE
    Allot HomeSecure protects and hardens your CPE from attack by providing password strength enforcement, DNS tampering protection, open port analysis and protection, process and communication white-listing, and two-factor-authentication access control.


HomeSecure provides a personal app for every household that gives your customers more control over their network from the palm of their hand.

  • Parental Controls
    Parental controls can be applied per device or per a group of devices associated with each member of the household. HomeSecure parental controls are integrated with NetworkSecure so that they are set once and can be enforced for both mobile and WiFi access.
  • WiFi Management
    The owner of the app will be notified about new connected devices attempting to join the network. The app allows the owner to approve or deny access to the home network and manage connected devices.
  • In-App Automated Support
    HomeSecure features automated support capabilities, interacting with customers via a chatbot that can be customized with CSP provided scripts. The chatbot can walk the customer through many troubleshooting actions such as a speed test, and transfers the chat to a support call together with the diagnostic information it gathers, if necessary.