Intelligent Clinical Trials Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Solution for Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System

The AuroraPrime Electronic Data Capture System (EDC), part of the AuroraPrime clinical research platform, is designed to facilitate intelligent and standardized clinical data collection. Equipped with AI-powered capabilities for intelligent database construction, AuroraPrime EDC ensures efficient and secure deployment from clinical trial protocols to the EDC database. Key features include data collection, real-time quality control, format conversion, and data migration. Adhering strictly to international clinical platform standards, AuroraPrime EDC has achieved various international certifications, guaranteeing stable, intelligent, and accurate data processing for users worldwide. The system is backed by numerous key registration projects and extensive experience across various therapeutic areas.

Proven results

  • Database Build Time Reduction by 80%
  • UAT Time Reduction by 90%
  • Data Listing Time Reduction by 90%
  • Lower SAS Costs by 40%

Feature highlight

  1. Rapid and automatic database setup: CRF auto drafting, edit-check auto testing and public & private library
  2. AI-generated logic checks
  3. Edit-Check auto generation
  4. Automatic UAT
  5. Secured data migration: data migration rehearsals, historical data retention, safe rollback
  6. Secured database switching: allowing switch from Rave to Alphalife Sciences's AuroraPrime database
  7. Automatic medical coding
  8. Seamless Downstream Data Monitoring: Turnkey data listing rules, automated data flow, seamless integrated EDC queries and real-time data monitoring

About company

AlphaLife Sciences Group represents the pinnacle of innovation in the realm of digital clinical research. Our flagship offering, AuroraPrime, is a testament to our leadership in integrating Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) into a comprehensive AI-powered SaaS platform. Globally acknowledged and bolstered by prestigious collaborations with Microsoft's Pegasus Program and Google for Startups, AuroraPrime seamlessly blends advanced integrations such as EDC, RTSM, DCT, CTMS, eTMF, along with Medical Writing, Translation, Analytics, Knowledge Base, and an exhaustive Data Platform. These groundbreaking innovations are pivotal in hastening drug development and facilitating smoother market entry, earning the trust of pharmaceutical giants such as AZ, GSK and MSD and global CRO like IQVIA. As an authoritative figure in life sciences and consumer health, we are dedicated to propelling AuroraPrime to the forefront of global digital clinical research platforms. Our reliance on the latest AI models, cloud computing, and big data technologies underpins our commitment to providing robust technical support across all phases of clinical trials and real-world research. This, coupled with our unparalleled consulting and system implementation services, significantly accelerates R&D innovation and expedites the introduction of new therapeutics.