Amperon Forecasting Analytics

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Grid and meter-level forecast for electricity, demand, generation, renewables, solar

Amperon delivers the industry’s most accurate electricity forecasting solutions, deployed in weeks (not months), to improve energy reliability, de-risk financial impacts, and decarbonize the grid faster.

  • Challenge: Growth in global electricity demand is expected to grow 2.5x through 2050. Shifting electricity demand patterns, new renewable generation, and extreme weather events are disrupting business as usual across global electricity markets.
  • Solution: Amperon offers the most accurate AI-driven forecasting solution to track, plan and optimize energy needs across the power grid.
  • Value: We provide the highest precision electricity analytics platform to help companies manage risk, navigate volatile energy markets, and accelerate decarbonization.

Solution Overview:

  • Grid Demand Forecasts: The most accurate short-term (15-day) and long-term forecasts (10-year) available on the market for supply and demand at the ISO/market and zonal levels.
  • Meter Demand Forecasts: Short-term (15-day) and long-term forecasts (10-year) for energy demand/load to support a range of grid reliability and commercial/trading use-cases, including overlay of PPAs/trades to understand open positions.
  • Asset-Level Renewable Generation Forecasts: Short-term (15 days) and sub-hourly (two days into the future at five-minute intervals) asset-level solar forecasts at the individual site-level and at the portfolio aggregate-level for trading/risk management, asset optimization, and operations/reliability.

Customer Focus: Power generation, power supply, distribution planning, renewable energy, energy marketing & trading, asset management.

Target Industries: Utilities, Public Power (munis/coops), Energy Retailers, Gentailers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Financial & Commodity Traders.

Buyer Job Roles / Personas: Energy Traders, Origination, Data Scientists, Market Fundamental Analysts, Supply Forecasting, Risk Management