โดย Sarafan Technology Inc

Sarafan: AI-based features for video content monetization

Our technology automatically recognizes everything that happens in the frame and selects similar goods in product feeds of partner marketplaces.

The way Sarafan technology works: 
1. Recognizes objects and actions in video in real time.
2. Automatically selects the appropriate products in partner online stores.
3. Supports integration with ad insertion systems.

What do video service and video hosting get?
1. Video content analysis system and classification of objects in it.
2. Tool for native display of advertising campaigns and content monetization.
3. technical support for cost calculations and payments.

What video service or video hosting offer viewers?
1. Promotional offers that instantly navigate to e-commerce content
2. The possibility to order goods when watching a video immediately or by scanning the QR code

In other words, Sarafan Technology offers commercial features that enhance the capabilities of existing advertising campaigns and help video service users find new offers from online stores.