Lifecycle Manager 365


Efficient and flexible management of system deployment and maintenance

This application is available in English

The Lifecycle Manager 365 lets you create and control a schedule of all the necessary work for purchasing, delivering, installing, start-adjusting, and servicing complex technical equipment for its entire lifecycle. It operates on three levels of hierarchy: the project level, which is the highest level of managing the execution of a contract; the account level, which manages each individual location; and the equipment level, which manages each individual piece of equipment. You can create several locations within the scope of a single project, and each location can host several pieces of equipment. Every new location automatically generates its own project work schedule from a template, including mandatory steps as defined by said project template. This means that when you create a new location for an already existing project, you guarantee the execution of all the necessary steps in the template and avoid skipping steps due to human error. The number of steps within the schedule is not limited.

Key advantages:

· Creating project templates for each equipment type with typical steps and technical operation cycles, their order, and the time necessary to complete them;

· The ability to add unique operations to project templates;

· Calculating the necessary resources, and controlling the availability of the necessary specialists;

· Managing projects with a breakdown across locations and equipment. Displaying the overall state of project execution across all locations and all equipment: executed and planned steps of the integration/service lifecycle, with the appropriate dates for each location;

· Controlling meeting deadlines for planned steps and sending reminders about the necessary work to be done;

· Downloading the history of project execution in order to solve conflicts;

· 3 levels of access to data: editing, reading, administration.