PriceFlow Manager 365


Calculating and reconciling the price of complex projects with a large number of positions

This application is available in English

The project price calculation system incorporates automating the entire generation and reconciliation process. This applies to each specific project and includes all delivery and installation conditions either provided, or selected from a list. Unlike a standard reconciliation system, our product generates and specifies proposal parameters at different stages, where different departments (sales, IT, etc.) enter the appropriate values. The system is designed for large enterprises that generate complex multi-positional proposals for projects unique to each specific client that involve different parameters and delivery conditions.

The system tracks the reconciliation process state at each stage, and generates the final proposal. The administration functions let you control the employee access privileges, and quickly change the people responsible for each part of the reconciliation chain.

The system takes into account the following when creating a proposal:

· Whether competitors have proposals (makes, models);

· Whether the project needs to be delivered and installed;

· Who the deal participants are (distributor, partner) and what their status is;

· Whether there is a basis for a discount; employee access privileges

· What the expected dates for order placement and deal closure are;

· Whether there is a warranty (type, duration);

· Whether there are special conditions for starting the equipment;

· What the delivery and payment requirements are.

As the proposal moves across the reconciliation chain, the system takes into account the start and end time for the reconciliation process at each stage.