Anthology Admissions

โดย Anthology Inc.

Anthology Admissions provides world class admission solutions for learners in Indian Education

The Anthology Admissions solution allows Universities and Institutions in India. to automate and manage their applications, merit list generation and multiple round counselling process to ensure a smooth experience for the Dept of Education and students.

The features include
  • Online Admission and Counselling
  • Course Configuration
  • Customizable Application Form and Processes for handling multiple campuses and courses
  • Flawless e-scrutiny model for online verification of candidates’ documents, eligibility and their approval
  • Supports both fresh applications and fetching entrance examinations based application details
  • In built Merit List and Seat Allocation rules for allocation based on category reservations
  • Provision for Scheduling Multiple Counselling Rounds
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Automated notifications and alerts, applicant dashboards
  • SMS/Email Gateway Integration
  • Grievance Management