Aprimo Plan & Spend

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Aprimo Plan & Spend helps marketers align spend and strategies to maximize investments.

Better analyze marketing and spend performance.

Old budget habits just don’t cut it anymore for today’s marketers, constantly under pressure to achieve more with less. Aprimo Plan & Spend offers a single view into global marketing spend and expenses, increasing productivity and decreasing project review cycle time.

Aprimo Plan & Spend enables marketing leaders to manage and track spending, improve financial reporting and prove ROI to justify marketing spend. Exclusively built on Microsoft Azure, it provides true alignment between marketing plans, spend strategies, objectives and results. Eliminate spreadsheets and compliance risk while reducing manual efforts in marketing spend management.

Key Advantages and Features:

Agile Marketing Planning

  • Suggest, manage, and approve marketing proposals in real time
  • Establish critical marketing priorities
  • Create detailed marketing plans
  • Track marketing goals
  • Align marketing budgets with corporate budgets

Budgeting, forecasting and spend management

  • Enable multiple views into budgets
  • Easily roll-up projected forecasts
  • Control, assign, adjust, and transfer budgets
  • Track all invoices, budgetary commitments, and actuals
  • Enable real-time accounting adjustments and multi-currency management

Offer management

  • Centrally manage offers and incentives to be leveraged across promotions and channels, including expiration
  • Assign offers to specific marketing activities
  • Estimate total costs, revenue, and ROI 
  • View highest-performing offers
  • Integrate to marketing execution systems

Vendor management

  • Central repository to view and organize vendor relationships
  • Manage all vendor history, including past information, relationship histories, RFPs, and quotes
  • Prioritize preferred vendors
  • Simplify the vendor selection and onboarding process
  • Ensure your vendors are company-certified

Reporting and performance optimization

  • 360-degree views into marketing metrics
  • Enable executive insight into real-time budget status and forecasts
  • Business Intelligence capabilities allow you to slice and dice data