Asavie IoT Connect


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Secure connectivity for cellular IoT

Asavie IoT Connect is for the security conscious Enterprise, who wants best in-class security for their IoT deployments. Asavie IoT Connect enables configurable end-to-end private connectivity over multiple cellular networks without exposing devices or data transit to the dangers of internet.

Asavie IoT Connect enables enterprises to:
Take IoT deployments off the public internet: Provision and manage isolated networks that eliminate device and application service exposure to cyber threats.
Extend the Azure cloud to the cellular IoT device

Manage and control the data transit from each cellular device to the Azure cloud

Effectively manage IoT expenditure and costs: Take control of cellular IoT costs, eliminate data overages and overspending, enforce data usage quotas per device and eliminate unwanted application traffic.
Efficiently secure the IoT deployment over the lifetime: Don’t leave it to chance, explicitly declare what IoT devices can and cannot communicate with. Utilize the private software defined network to enable a consistent security policy for the entire IoT device estate, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the IoT deployment.
Remain in control: Retain the flexibility to manage cellular IoT deployments into the future with the ability to securely remote access cellular IoT devices for over the air updates.

Asavie IoT Connect is built on top of a highly scalable software defined networking platform, Asavie PassBridge, which securely extends the carrier cellular network beyond the mobile core and into the Azure cloud and/or on-premise server. Asavie PassBridge is powered by Azure