Aspect Software Workforce Management

โดย Aspect Software

Use the #1 rated contact center workforce management tool in North America to manage your workforce.

Aspect Via Workforce Management (WFM), the leading WFM solution in North America according to a recent Pelorus Associates report on WFM markets, is available for contact centers to forecast future contact volumes, predict the number and skills of agents required to service customer calls, schedule appropriately skilled agents at the proper times, and track their daily productivity. Aspect Via Performance Management, an optional uplift to WFM, is a powerful tool that correlates and displays valuable contact center data to allow organizational and employee goal alignment at every level. 

Unique features of the Aspect solution include:

  • Optimal Forecasting, Scheduling and Tracking of Agents - Recognized as the leading WFM solution in the industry
  • Historical and real-time interaction management streams for all phases of planning
  • Preference or Business Coverage Scheduling - Priority for selecting schedule times or arranging schedules based on need
  • Mobility - Notifications and access for remote agent scheduling activities
  • Performance Viewed in Multiple Dimensions - Historical or near real-time performance measured by metrics, create views in dashboard widgets (Via PM)
  • Gamification, Awards, Badging - Create challenges, assign employees, determine rules and determine awards. (Via PM)
  • Automated Coaching - Initiate coaching without intervention (Via PM)

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