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Website building platform Atilekt.NET is a friendly, flexible and fast-growing CMS based on ASP.NET

This application is available only in Russian.

Website building platform Atilekt.NET is a friendly, flexible and fast-growing content managing system (CMS) based on ASP.NET.

Easy and intuitive interface, convenient WYSIWYG-content editor, built-in SEO-tools, more than 50 modules and templates allow to become a web-site designer and developer without special skills.

Since first edition had been released at 2006 it is constantly evolving. In 2008 Atilekt.CMS Platform successfully passed test as ISV Solutions by VeryTest Company. In 2011 Atilekt.CMS was added in web-applications gallery of Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

From 2014 Atilekt.CMS is available in two variants:
SaaS Platform Atilekt.NET for small and medium-sized business which placed in Azure and Standalone version Atilekt.CMS for large and medium-sized business.

Nowadays Atilekt.NET allows creating one-page sites, corporate websites and online-shops. All web-sites created on Atilekt.NET have responsive web-design and fit to all demands of the modern search systems.

More than 50 functions and modules are available for users, including payment gateways, goods import/export, integrates with marketplaces, integration with EPR-systems, etc.

Platform supports transfer web-sites created on SaaS platform Atilekt.NET to dedicated clients servers as well as transfer clients web-sites to Azure.

SaaS Platform Atilekt.NET users has 14-days free trial period.
There is affiliate program Atilekt.NET Partners for web-studios, web-designers, professionals that gives 30-days free trial period.

Atilekt.NET is developing to make business more efficient with modern technologies of website creation.