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Microsoft preferred solution

Automated chat-based support that helps financial services do better business

Atura is a chat-based AI customer assistant built for asset management, insurance and lending industries. The chat platform is designed to significantly reduce the load on call centres via automated adaptive dialogues facilitated by Microsoft LUIS and the Microsoft Bot Framework. Atura has the ability to understand the intent of customer queries which traditionally either flow through a call centre or are executed by financial planners.

The chat platform can assist along the entire lifecycle of an asset management, insurance or lending customer. It facilitates leads generation, onboarding, query resolution as well as the transactions that occur in these industries, such as transacting, fund balances and statements, investment information, tax certificate retrieval, insurance claims and policy, and profile details management. By facilitating these regularly occurring interactions in an elegant and succinct manner, the load on traditional call centres has been proven to be significantly reduced. Furthermore, with instant messaging as the fastest growing channel of communication globally, the “always-on” virtual assistant meets the demand for constant availability. The negligible data costs accrued on WhatsApp, Facebook or web chat channels make these channels very attractive to the modern, cost-sensitive client.

The Atura chat platform offers a personalised experience for customers. The use of Azure Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) cognitive services facilitates a natural conversation interaction. These intelligent responses enable an easy and simple interaction that constantly improves through increased utterance dataset and constant mapping of utterances to preprogrammed intents.

Atura has a messaging bus layer and API which allow for seamless integration into the leading global CRM tools such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Atura has a lightweight service desk, but if a more established service desk tool such as ZenDesk or FreshDesk is required, the integration layers needed to facilitate this are at the ready.

Atura leverages the secure Azure cloud platform which underpins the assistant's functionality. The entire infrastructure stack is instantiated through PowerShell scripts and the Azure API, making the rollout of the default instances for the three specialist domains a very fast and efficient exercise. The core is downloaded through NuGet packages and empty Atura Visual Studio templates can be downloaded to speed up the initial development to the required chat channels.

Atura: Artificial Intelligence, Genuine Benefits