AudioCodes Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

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AudioCodes Live Essentials is a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service on Azure

Bring your own SIP Trunk to Microsoft Teams:  Quick and simple solution for Teams Direct Routing.  Up and running in minutes. Pay per user per month.

AudioCodes Live Essentials on Azure is a powerful, yet easy to use, Teams Direct Routing SBC as a Service, allowing you to keep your existing voice provider with lines, numbers (such as your 1-800, front office numbers, or numbers on personal business cards), and call bundles.

AudioCodes Live Essentials on Azure brings simplicity to the process of setting up Direct Routing

·         Free trial. No hardware or software licenses required. Up and running in minutes.

·         Uncommitted Plan:  Pay per user per month. Stop any time. No minimum requirements.  No set-up costs.

·         Discounted 12, 36 months contracts with minimum of 200 users include 24x7 support services (implementation support is 9x5).   No set-up costs.

Before you get started, read the checklist. Service available in North America only.
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  • Employees can place and receive calls using their normal DID and extensions, no number porting is required.
  • Existing telephony contracts enable effective minutes bundles with virtually any SIP trunk provider.
  • No hardware or software license to install or maintain, and takes 10 minutes to install.
  • Temporary token-based Azure Authentication offer extra security.
  • Connect with users, groups and auto-attendants as required.
  • Enterprise-grade, high-availability infrastructure that runs on Microsoft Azure, monitored 24/7/365.
  • Users require the Office 365 Phone System add-on, Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan) or E5 licenses to use calling in Microsoft Teams