AuthenTrend Technology Inc.

FIDO2 Fingerprint enabled Security Key - Type-A/Type-C

ATKey Pro Features

  • No More Password: Portable Fingerprint enabled USB dongle for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux, enjoying the passwordless login to Microsoft Azure AD or FIDO2 services.
  • High Performance: The most compact with the best fingerprint user experience USB security key. FAR < 1/50,000, FRR <2%, and matching time <1 second.  
  • No additional application/driver required: With our patent "standalone enrollment," you can register up to 10 fingerprints to the ATKey Pro much easier and faster than all the existing products.
  • Fingerprint is your best password: With the build-in Egis fingerprint sensor, you can enjoy the risk-free login with something you have (ATKey Pro), something you know (Pin Code), and something you are (Fingerprint).

ATKey Pro Benefits

Gartner Group studies reflect an average of 20%-50% of all help desk calls is password resets. AuthenTrend's ATKey Pro enables Fingerprint to be your best password. Through FIDO2 to interact with ATKey, you can easily have your secured authentication with biometric identity to build a passwordless and worry-free IT ecosystem, and AuthenTrend's ATKey Pro integrates natively into Azure Active Directory.  

The most compact design with the superb performance

  • Highly Secure Design: Built upon the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Broadcom® BCM5810X microcontroller with SecureBoot & SecureXIP enabled.  Store encrypted fingerprint templates inside the hardware chip, and cannot disclose outside the ATKey Pro.
  • Best Fingerprint experience: Integrate with the Egis fingerprint sensor, so users only need a slight "touch" for fingerprint matching.
  • Portable, Slim & Light: Both Type-A and Type-C are weight only 0.12oz (3.3g), and the size is only 0.59*1*0.33 inch (15*26.5*8.3 mm).  

Covid-19 with ATKey PRO

In the post-COVID-19, companies developing products to fight the pandemic need ramp-up production that has never been done before. AuthenTrend is happy to contribute by providing the solution of the ATKey Pro with Fingerprint Enabled Security Key and advisory support to help these companies protect their workforce security and lower the IT cost.