Avanan Office 365 Email Security

โดย Avanan Inc.

Advanced Anti-Phishing, Malware Protection, Account Compromise Detection, and Data Loss Prevention.

The Highest Rated Email Security Solution for Microsoft 365

Avanan is the highest-rated email security solution for Exchange/Microsoft 365 Email. Deployed in seconds as an app, it protects all inbound, outbound and internal communications - Email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.. It is the only solution that can offer phishing, BEC, malware, and data leak protection for the entire suite while also protecting against account compromise and data breach. It can be deployed in addition to, or as a replacement for, Advanced Threat Protection or any external secure email gateway. Pre-delivery and post-delivery protection that deploys instantly with no change to DNS MX records. There is a reason it has more 5-Star Ratings than any other vendor!

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