Dynamics 365 3PL Warehouse and Billing Automation

โดย Avantiico

3PL Billing Automation

Avantiico’s 3PL module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain solution offers significant cost and cash flow savings for 3PL companies, with an extremely short ROI. Those savings are derived from automating the contract terms for billable activities for the 3PL’s customers, automating the collection and categorization of billable activities, and automating the billing and payment processes.

Many 3PLs fulfill thousands to tens-of-thousands of order lines per day or week on behalf of their customers and must capture and sort all of the billable activities related to those orders onto categories for customer invoicing. The sheer volume of these fulfillment lines, freight costs and other billable activities such as receipts, storage fees, cycle counts, special labeling or packing, etc. constitute significant cash flow requirements between billing cycles. And the cost of collecting, organizing and billing for these activities can be substantial and time-consuming as well.

Avantiico’s 3PL module automates the capture and organization of all of those billable activities whether our clients are using the Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) or a third-party warehouse management system such as Manhattan, Accellos/High Jump, or many other popular WMS solutions. That automation is driven by the individual terms of the customer contracts and automatically creates the sales orders for summary billable activities with the detailed backup data for each sales line.