CloudGen - All-in-One Cloud Infrastructure Solution


CloudGen - Estimate, design, and deploy your cloud infrastructure in a snap.

CloudGen - an all-in-one cloud infrastructure solution that transforms your concepts into efficiently optimized realities. Empower your cloud architects with the tools they need to succeed, all from a single, user-friendly platform. With support for AWS and Azure cloud platforms, experience intelligent resource scaling and cost efficiency.


Estimate - Real-time Consumption Metrics

Dynamically visualize infrastructure costs and strategize intelligent scaling with precise & informed decisions based on real-time cloud consumption patterns. Drive significant cost savings and resource utilization while fine-tuning your enterprise ops.

Design – Scalable Infrastructure

Design scalable architecture diagrams in Azure or AWS with an effective and straightforward process flow. Seamlessly navigate the design process with intuitive UI, ensuring your cloud projects are primed for success from the start.

Deploy - Streamlined Deployment

Amplify productivity and project success with CloudGen's streamlined deployment. Effortlessly deploy your projects to preferred cloud providers and liberate your team to focus on critical tasks that drive your business forward.

CI/CD - Empowering Continuous Integration & Deployment

Simplify repository setup and management by implementing efficient pipelines for continuous integration and deployment of your codebase. Increase efficiency, minimize errors, and ensure swift & reliable software delivery.

AI Powered Code Generator

Generate Terraform code in no time with the power of AI, delivering unparalleled time savings and heightened precision. Expedite your development process with custom code creation, based on specific parameters and industry best practices.

Code of Architecture - Realize 3600 Infrastructure

Transform terraform code into comprehensive architecture diagrams effortlessly. Analyze your system's intricate infrastructure components and their relationships with a clear & panoramic view.


For Business Owners:

  1. Optimize Costs
  2. Swift Time-to-Market
  3. Clear Architecture Insight
  4. AI-Powered Innovation
  5. Secure Collaboration
  6. For Cloud Teams:

    1. Effortless Deployment
    2. Streamlined CI/CD
    3. Visualized Infrastructure
    4. Expert Cloud Solutions
    5. Intelligent Resource Scaling
    6. Maximize your cloud investments and success with CloudGen.

      CloudGen - where proficiency and precision converge for unparalleled cloud excellence.