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CloudRight Visibility and Control

Shift away from the standard break-fix and update model to a complete solution capable of self-healing and delivering advanced service levels starting with Visibiltiy and Control. Encompassing a threefold approach to service availability within Azure, CloudRight uses the three pillars of Performance, Control and Visibility to deliver a next generation of service availability. Changing the focus from reactive to proactive management, CloudRight delivers ever-improving results whilst containing costs, driving predictability and providing actionable intelligence. CloudRight achieves this by centralising the ingestion and display of key health and performance data of your applications and services within Azure. Leveraging Power BI, Azured delivers a view of whats most important within your environment, encompassing ITSM toolset integration, Firewall and Azure platform data to deliver a single pane of glass view of your environment. This view delivers at a glance everything you need to know about your environment to manage cost, security and performance whilst making informed decisions regarding the platform.