Bionline Intelligent Revenue

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Multiplying your Revenue by scaling your Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

  • Many companies are unaware that

    Artificial Intelligence can help increase long-term value and customer retention.

  • Some companies are already using A.I. for doing business, but normally they find it

    very difficult to Scale their A.I.

  • They can not cover with A.I. all their business challenges, because work related to A.I. is done manually and has a very long time-to-market.

The Impact

These companies are losing millions in potential revenue when not applying A.I. extensively throughout their business.

The Solution

Bionline's app allows you to make more money from your customers through quick access to a scalable A.I. to cover the entire company business.

Our no-code app can be used by Business Users to create their own use cases through automatic A.I. building. Business users, IT, developers... the whole team can work on the same project, with the same platform and the same data. User requests what product she wants to sell, to which audience and with which conversión criteria. The app prepares data and trains whatever needed algorithms automatically without any effort from the user: our A.I. is building A.I.

The Benefits

Our Clients are increasing $25/customer/year in Revenue using our app.

That means huge benefits and a huge ROI from the app.