Boost My Mail

โดย Boost My Mail

Automate and deploy your corporate email signatures and transform every mail into a marketing asset

Automate and deploy e-mail signatures

  • With Boost My Mail, e-mail signatures are uniformly designed. Do not wait for your employees to update their e-mail signature anymore as a single administrator can easily do it online!
    User information is synchronized in real time with your Active Directory. You can also assign several e-mail signatures to one person who holds several positions or represents several organisations.

Spread your communication campaigns

  • You can add banners about events, special offers or news, to the staff's e-mail signatures.
    It is an opportunity to target a special audience in a non-intrusive way. Use every outgoing e-mail to communicate!

Measure the return on investment

  • With Boost My Mail you can measure the efficiency of your communication campaigns through the e-mail signatures.
    You can check the amount of clicks generated on the links you inserted. Measure your ROI with the new business leads you generated.

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